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Out Of Europe 97 – 31st December 2020

Catch up with Steve and this weeks Out Of Europe, in a musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm. Out Of Europe takes an affectionate look at the music that has comeā€¦ Out Of Europe.

End a curious year, and start a hopefully saner year with with some musical curiosities! This week we travel through Europe listening to outtakes and rarities from across the continent with the usual variance of styles and genres.

This weeks playlist:

1 Alibi – Kayak
2 Give It A Name – Kayak
3 The Rising Seed – Third Ear Band
4 Mammatus – Third Ear Band
5 A Friend You Know But Never See – Mighty Baby
6 Same Way From The Sun – Mighty Baby
7 Il Folletto Di Cera – Breznev Fun Club
8 Inseguito Dai Creditori – Breznev Fun Club
9 Flutter – Breznev Fun Club
10 Cacharella – Unknown
11 Eve – Bruno Leys
12 Les Drogues Du 45 Tours -Marcel Artero
13 Curly Sea Slug – Necromandus

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