Out Of Europe 121 Anniversary 17th May 2024

This week’s broadcast is a further contribution by the Out Of Europe show towards the celebrations of Northern Quarter Radio’s 10th anniversary. Again, we stay exclusively in England for our wide range of sparkling English recordings. This weeks playlist: 1 Bonzo Dog Band The Intro and The Outro 2 Family My Friend The Sun 3 […]

Out Of Europe 119 NQR 10th anniversary 12.4.24

This week’s broadcast is the first of a two-part contribution by the Out Of Europe show towards the celebrations of Northern Quarter Radio’s 10th anniversary. We visit Holland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany and England for some magnificent non-hits This weeks playlist: 1 Kayak Royal Bed Bouncer2 Feliu Gasull i Joan Albert El califa de […]

Out Of Europe 118 – 22nd March 2024

This week we look at two albums. One, a previously unreleased collection from some of the finest finest Spanish guitar / flamenco inspired composers and musicians to emerge during the post-Franco era. Melodically and harmonically stunning. The second, some delightful quirkiness from Liverpool based Unstoppable Sweeties Show from 2018.

Out Of Europe 117 – 8th March 2024

The all new Out Of Europe 117 this week crams 21 tracks into one hour, including three 7 minute plus tracks, with visits to France, Poland, Italy, Norway, the UK and a special treat for Comus fans. How is it done? Listen in! This week’s playlist; 1.  PFM – Il Banchetto 2.  Kevin Hewick – […]

Out Of Europe 116 – 17th November 2023

It’s instrumental week on Out Of Europe, as we unearth instrumental tracks of many genres with roots in France, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Holland and England. This week’s playlist: 1.  Edition Speciale – Aurore 2.  James Clarke – Hoiday People 3.  Kungens Man – Nar Piskan Vine 4.  Syd Dale Orchestra – Girl About Town 5.  […]

Out Of Europe 115 – 3rd November 2023

Out Of Europe 115 – Italy, England, Scotland, Turkey, Germany, France and Finland feature in this week’s all new musical trip around Europe. From Psych, to Samba to Songwriter and beyond in our regular musical melange. This week’s playlist: 1.  Italian Secret Service – Sunday Morning Samba 2.  Solid Gold Cadillac -Morning Song 3.  Ivor […]

Out Of Europe 114 – 20th October 2023

A look through recent acquisitions to the collection, with the unique vision of Sweden’s Simon Steensland, Mrs Grundy’s strange world, France and the UK all featuring, plus some rarities featuring Robert Wyatt. This week’s playlist; 1.  Plastic Penny – Mrs Grundy 2.  Art – Think I’m Going Weird 3.  Collusion – I’ve Got That Cold […]

Out Of Europe 113 – 6th October 2023

A tribute to a recently passed master and possibly the finest singer-songwriter ever feature on this weeks ALL NEW travelogue of musical variety. This week’s playlist; 1.  Comus – Perpetual Motion 2.  Comus – So Long Supernova 3.  Trojan Horse – Paper Bells part IV 4.  Philip Catherine – Janet 5.  Philip Catherine – Laura […]

Out Of Europe -7th July 2023 show 21

A selection of tunes off all musical genres from throughout Europe. This weeks playlist: 1. Forgas Band Phenomena – La Clef 2. Audio Lotion – Jacuzzi Jazz 3. When – Fellini’s Hat 4. When – Grey Part 2 5. Jeana Leslie & Siobahn miller – Time Wears Awa’ 6. Tangerine Dream – Overture 7. Wickets […]

Out Of Europe 112 9th December 2022

This week we have a World Cup 2022 special covering music from some of the European countries in this years’ contest, covering many musical genres as ever. This weeks playlist: 1 Sylvia – Focus2 Promise Her Anything – Tom Jones3 Paid Cheto Ar Pam – Gorgy’s Zygotic Mynci4 Black Prince Of Paradise – Dando Shaft5 […]