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Out Of Europe 96 – 17th December 2020

Catch up with Steve and this weeks Out Of Europe, in a musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm. Out Of Europe takes an affectionate look at the music that has comeā€¦ Out Of Europe.

This week we start with blues as you’ve never heard it, funk from an unrecognisable source, great electric guitar from France and travel through Europe listening to outtakes on box sets and new releases of all styles and genres with the unexpected variety we have done for 96 shows

This weeks playlist:

1 Das Blues – Simon Steensland
2 Studio 55 Jam – Focus
3 To A Place – Chloe March
4 Starlings & Crows – Chloe March
5 La Foule – Uniweria Zekt / Magma
6 Blues De V – Uniweria Zekt / Magma
7 Idols Of The Flesh Parts 1 & 4 – Karda Estra
8 Wouldn’t You Miss Me – Syd Barret
9 Focus II – Focus
10 Mighty Baby I’m From The Country

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