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Out Of Europe 114 – 20th October 2023

A look through recent acquisitions to the collection, with the unique vision of Sweden’s Simon Steensland, Mrs Grundy’s strange world, France and the UK all featuring, plus some rarities featuring Robert Wyatt.

This week’s playlist;

1.  Plastic Penny – Mrs Grundy

2.  Art – Think I’m Going Weird

3.  Collusion – I’ve Got That Cold Porridge Feeling

4.  Collusion – Song Of Pity

5.  Chris Cutler feat. Robert Wyatt – Moments Of Delight

6.  Chris Cutler feat. Robert Wyatt – In The Dark Year

7.  Kalahari Surfers feat Chris Cutler – Plan For Peace

8.  Simon Steensland – The Flagellant March

9.  Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – Till The End Of The Day

10.  Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – A Golden String

11.  Raymond Lefevre – Soul Coaxing

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