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Out Of Europe 101 – 25th February 2021

Catch up with Steve and this weeks Out Of Europe, in a musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm. Out Of Europe takes an affectionate look at the music that has comeā€¦ Out Of Europe.

For Out Of Europe show 101, we are doing a “Room 101” of European musical horrors that should be jettisoned from the Universe! However we will play lots of nice music around the rubbish, travelling through the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and a couple of -pan European projects en route.

This weeks playlist:

1 Samese Cat Song – Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
2 Flourescences – Stereolab
3 Seven Tears – Goombay Dance Band
4 Like yeah – Ape Not Mice
5 Frals Oss Ifran Ondo – Simon Steensland
6 Celebrate! – Piero & The Music Stars
7 Cry Baby – Jemini
8 Whistling Ursula – Begnagrad
9 Save Your Love – Renee and Renato
10 World In Union – Katherine Jenkins
11 Point Of Junction – Pop Workshop
12 Carnival – The Cardigans Life
13 Tell Me Where You’re Going – Silje Nergaard
14 You Are Light – Nova

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