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Dave Buckley


Dave presents Old Folks Boogie, with his sidekick producer Baz Marsh. With a musical policy of…anything interesting that fits!

Dave’s Bio:

I began collecting records in 1968 at the tender age of 14 when I got “Hollies Greatest” mono LP, which of course I still own! This interest in music inevitably led to playing in a band and learning to play drums when I was 16, a process which I continue to this day! I was a professional musician in the New Wave era and played on a very collectable single and album by the Jeff Hill Band, toured with John Cooper Clarke, and eventually, sensing fame and fortune was not in my destiny, got a proper job in 1982.

I still continued playing, and when I moved into a house with a cellar built a small recording studio, the most famous occupant being Rick Astley who recorded his first demo’s there. I’m still gigging having outlived my usefulness to the NHS and played Glastonbury for the first time a few years ago with Love Revolution, a band containing members of Trans Global Underground, Gryphon and Sham 69, exalted company indeed!
And now I’m at the helm of Old Folks Boogie….with a musical policy of…anything interesting that fits! Psychedelia, Folk, Freakbeat, Prog, Rock…and regular features including the story of Island Records and Who’s in The Garage This Week? Plus a bit of humour. Well, you shouldn’t take life too seriously, should you?! Dave’s Crap Record Club anyone?