Freddy Cannon

Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC calls Sir Freddy Cannon their “Music Man,” and the name suits him well so for more than forty years in various roles in the music industry he began with his first love, Radio DJ’ing. Radio DJ’ing, his first love’s is moving forward on an exciting journey. Join Sir Freddy […]

Jayne Marsh

Alternative music with a folky slant.folk, indie folk, electronica, folk rock, psyche folk, singer songwriter Jayne’s Bio: My passion is live music. I watched Greenslade at the free Trade Hall in 1973, and I was hooked. I love small venues where you can see the musicians and feel part of the music. I am a […]

Steve Ashworth

A musical mystery tour across the continent, covering many genres, mostly outside the commercial realm. Steve’s bio: I grew up in a time when record companies, the odd article in the music press, John Peel, the Virgin Records import section and its incipient label opened a fascinating door as to what our neighbours across the […]