Virginia Kettle – No Place Like Tomorrow

album of the week imageThis weeks album of the week is, Virginia Kettle – No Place Like Tomorrow

Two years on from her eponymous EP, No Place Like Tomorrow is finally with us and it is well worth the wait. Virginia is supported by her occasional band The Dreamkeepers: Neil McCartney, Nick Davies and husband John who also produced the record. Virginia writes about romance, relationships and I would like to say politics but she is emphatic that she isn’t a political writer so let’s say that she writes about society. What is definite is that Virginia Kettle is a story-teller who can take a simple idea and construct an entire narrative around it.

Track list:

Let it all go
No place like tomorrow
Union Jack house
Coming ’round
The butter song
Valentine’s waltz
Made in the stars
Growing, growing, gone
Spy in a previous life
Promise of a sunrise

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