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Velinski and their release of the upbeat radio track “FREEDOM”

Like many artists, the pandemic restrictions have made it extremely difficult to work collaboratively in a studio ” says Andrew Williams, the writing half of the duo. “ The recording, arranging. producing and mixing processes have therefore been much slower for us as emails and MP3’s have been flying across the internet airwaves between my producer partner Adam McEvoy, our guest vocalist Springerbliss myself. ”

The duo were also very busy dealing with the promotion of our Christmas song “ Christmas is a Time For Everyone ” that was covered by Miami award winning gospel singer Norris Williams ( no relation to Andrew ). With dual promotion in the UK from Caravan Music Promotions, and in the USA from the Nashville based Wright Music Group, the track was immensely successful achieving play listings with a number of major US stations and only narrowly missing out on a listing in the Billboard charts-a great achievement for an unsigned artist and writer/production team.

Such was the impression the song made that Wright Music Group are currently in discussions for the track to be released on a major label for the next Festive Season and offers have also already started to come in for the video to be featured on major platforms.

In a complete gear change, the duo have now come up with this
incredible modern electro dance track. “ Adam has really shown his production skills with a combination of 80’s style electro bass and current arrangement sounds for the vocals and rest of the backtrack ” explains Andrew “ achieving our goal of creating a perfect blend of melody, simple chorus, vocal effects and modern dance beat ”

“ We like to think the production has the same feel and quality as dance tracks by artists such as Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa and hopefully it will receive positive reaction and radio plays.”

We certainly expect Velinski’s FREEDOM will attract the support this fantastic EDM track and the two outstanding mixes deserve and that it will not only be filling the dance and radio airwaves in 2021 but also played in venues across the world when we are all finally back to a sense of post-pandemic normality.

Please contact JJ Kane of Caravan Music Promotions for any other information about Velinski or if you would like to arrange an interview with them. The boys are raring to go !!

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