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The Wizard of Odd – Dave Buckley and the Watchwood.

album featured imageThis weeks album of the week is, The Wizard of Odd – Dave Buckley and the Watchwood.

Dave Buckley and the Watchwood new album, The Wizard of Odd, is not due for release on Reybridge Records, until 3rd February. However, with Dave being one of our presenters, we have of course got a first insight to his new music project.

“There were two out takes, one a demo, one an unfinished track, and as a new song is being nurtured with my guitar and notepad it’s looking like some more recording is imminent. There are also a couple of songs which were completed for other projects which have yet to see light of day”.

The album will also be available from ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other good digital outlets.

Track listing:

1 – Isn’t There Somewhere Else You’d Rather Be?
2 – A Garden In Winter
3 – When I Was Very Small
4 – Summer Rain
5 – Nothing Matters
6 – The Road To Katmandu
7 – Live In A Dream
8 – Grooving with The Anthropods Of Love
9 – The Other Side Of The Mountain
10 – Worlds Within Worlds
11 – Bluebellblueskyday
12 – Still She Sleeps
13 – Elemental Mr Dear Watson

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