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The M&M Show – 26th February 2024

Catch up with Mer & Mikki and this week’s show. Three hours of Singer Songwriter, Signed and Unsigned music from across the UK and the Rest of the World. This week’s Mer & Mikki celebrate the 11th Year Anniversary of the show.

This week’s show features;

The Capistrano Birds

Doug Roosien

Nicole Atkins

Ben Bateman

David S McCormack – Irene McCormack

Don Powell’s Occasional Flames – Les Glover – Paul Cookson – Martin Chatterton


Bryce Wastney – Tabitha Music Publishers

Derek Ryan – Featuring Emma Langford

Rick Astley

Emma Watson – Emme Pierre

Jason Mark Yates

Steve Pappa Edwards

Henry Priestman – Les Glover

Mark Barnwell

Larry Keogh

The Susan Mockridge Tribute -The Capistrano Birds – Mr Yodester

Carol Wilson

Paul Pash Hutchinson


Mark Sebastian D’Lacey

Randall Griffith – Colby Gray – Jon KT Lindley

Mike Stocks

Tinkers Lane

Barbara Hills

Michaela Gillian Jay -Mary Hall – Jadester77Rock – Mr Yodester – Leopard Music Publishing

Rick Astley

Nice Little Penguins

Lee Crocker

Milena Galasso

Orly Vardy – Leopard Music Publishing

Paul Strickley

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