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The M & M Show – 17th Apr 2023

Catch up with Mer & Mikki and this week’s show. Three hours of Singer Songwriter, Signed and Unsigned music from across the UK and the Rest of the World.

This week features

The Capistrano Birds
Dead Crow Road
Ian Roberts
Anjali Ray- Tabitha Music Publishers – Graham Sclater
Stephen Smith
Yazzy Chamberlain
Mark Barnwell – Tamsyn Berry
Joan Baez
Louis McTeggart
Emma ( Pierre) Watson
Vincent Brown
Pearl Natasha
Susan Mockridge Tribute – The Capistrano Birds – Mr Yodester

King Bee and The Stingers
Windchime -Ingela Rensfeldt – Randall Griffith- Jon KT Lindley -Colby Gray
Martin Holt- 65MPH
Billy The Kid and The Regulators
John Carr
Les Glover
Leanne Tennant – LT
Philip Morgan Lewis
Leopard Music Publishers – Rosanna J Eastman
Sabrina Monique
Barbara Delarbre – Barbara Hills
Paul Harper

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