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The M & M Show – 10th Oct 2022

Catch up with Mer & Mikki and this week’s show. Three hours of Singer Songwriter, Signed and Unsigned music from across the UK and the Rest of the World.

This week features

The Capistrano Birds
Mack Meadows
Vladi Marinesi – Vladi Blues Band
Sabrina Monique
Paul Pash Hutchinson
Colby Gray- Randall Griffith- Jon KT Lindley
Nic Chapman and The Inceni
Louis Mc Teggart
Nat Schedler
Unsung Lilly
Barbara Hills
The Eskies
Leopard Music Publishing
Desy Flynn

Tinkers Lane – Ian Roberts – Andy Hembry – Dorien James – John Garrad – Brent O’ Halloran – Alick Liquorice – Naniene – Reinee
Susan Mockridge Tribute – The Capistrano Birds – Mr Yodester
Mark Barnwell – Tamsyn Berry – Lisa Carbe
Dan Solan
Boo Sutcliffe
Andrew Duhon
Mick J Clark
Don Powell’s Occasional Flames – Les Glover – Paul Cookson – Martin Chatterton
Michael Firth Sellars
Jason Mark Yates
Paul Harper -Leopard Music Publishers
Tribes Of Europe – Barbara Stretch – Martin Elsey
Terance Julian
The Capistrano Birds

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