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The Autopsy Report – 27th Oct 2021

Catch up with Luke and this weeks Autopsy Report. Scorching the net with two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, the Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show broadcasts from several radio stations across the world. Tune in each week for a dose of metal mayhem with your host Luke Hellwyck.

BANDS!!!!!, submit your music. If you are heavy, true and seriously minded, you WILL be played.
Email Gramie at with your bio and mp3s.

This Week’s Playlist:

Flamuel – Shatter You
District 13 – Step Into The Fire
Hanna Barakat – Siren
Stranguliatorius – Doctor’s Orders Do Not Touch!
Helgrind – Bitter End
Fire Follows – Let Me Go
Bolt – All Hands Unite
Breaths – The Tormented
Existance – Highgate Vampire
Ravenbreed – Among Ghosts
Living Inferno – Sodan Alttarilla
Breed Of Aggression – Unmasked
The Lazy Dayz – 10,000 Miles
Death SS – The Black Plague
Less Than Hollow – How Can I Live
Shake The Temple – Driven
Thrash la Reine – La Cage de Fer
Rebellix – Fuck You
Roger Filgate – Feel So High
Re-Armed – As the Stars Align
Skanners – Under The Grave
The Paz Cartel – Dead Man’s Hand
Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron
Warrant – Machine Gun

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