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The Autopsy Report – 23rd December 2023

Catch up with Luke and this week’s Autopsy Report. Scorching the net with two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, the Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show broadcasts from several radio stations across the world. Tune in each week for a dose of metal mayhem, with your host Luke Hellwyck.

BANDS!!!!!, submit your music. If you are heavy, true and seriously minded, you WILL be played.
Email Gramie at with your bio and mp3s.

This Week’s Playlist:
Human Missile Crisis – Too Long
Samael – Jupiterian Vibe
Warkings – Ragnar
Never Elected – All My Life
Capra – Obligatory Existence
Foetal Juice – Legion Of The Grotesque
KK’s Priest – Sons Of The Sentinel
CNTRL – Unleash The Insane
Nexus Insidias – Relinquished
Order Of Nine – Whiskey And Rue
Livevil – Chocolate
Dust Bolt – Disco Nnection
Omnifear – Entropy
Feel – Call It What You Will
Lesser Faith – Matchbox
Nature Of The Beast – Trauma
Soleil Noir – Rien à Faire
Less Than Hollow – The Last Time
Wizards Of Hazards – Grapes of Wrath
Distartica – Ascension 1213
Nukem – Empress Of Evil
Skullpture – Nine Circles of Hell
Insepulto – The Necrodex
The Heretique – Masto-Driver
Piano Black – I sit Beside The Fire And Think
Cinderella – Gypsy Road

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