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The Autopsy Report – 22nd Mar 2023

Catch up with Luke and this week’s Autopsy Report. Scorching the net with two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, the Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show broadcasts from several radio stations across the world. Tune in each week for a dose of metal mayhem, with your host Luke Hellwyck.

BANDS!!!!!, submit your music. If you are heavy, true and seriously minded, you WILL be played.
Email Gramie at with your bio and mp3s.

This Week’s Playlist:

Liquid State – Cynical
Leslie Thompson – Tomorrow & Yesterday
Horizon Theory – Past Life
Eowa – The Blighted
Nømadus – Paradox (Nerve Burn)
The Stone Eye – Not My Circus
Niro Knox – Bad Times
King Voodoo – Believe In You
Riffobia – Consume-Obey
Impostor Syndrome – Blanket
Goat Monsoon – Living Hell
Purveyor Of Chaos – Purveyor Of Chaos
Silkof Grove – Death Construction
Evil Shadows – Stage
Walk With Titans – Seven Against Thebes
Kamelot – One More Flag In The Ground
Eradication Of The Unworthy Infants – Dejected
Dire Thorns – Nasha Strana
Moving Lines – Secrets
Arhat – The Great Unknown
Truth Decayed – Death By Design
Bourbon House – Love Is A Killer
Among The Ruins – Purgatory
Tool – Prison Sex

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