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The Autopsy Report – 21st Sep 2022

Catch up with Luke and this weeks Autopsy Report. Scorching the net with two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, the Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show broadcasts from several radio stations across the world. Tune in each week for a dose of metal mayhem with your host Luke Hellwyck.

BANDS!!!!!, submit your music. If you are heavy, true and seriously minded, you WILL be played.
Email Gramie at with your bio and mp3s.

This Week’s Playlist:

St. Madness – A Time for Reflection
Krankheit – Gargantua
The Guitar & Whiskey Club – Rebel Fire
Aquila – The Great Fire
Cydemind – Hoax
National Napalm Syndicate – Final Scene
Arcana XXII – The Masque
Ceaseless Torment – Killing Commands
Infantry – Terminal Society
Children Of The Void – Garden Of Bones
Susurro – Eye For An Eye
D.R.A.G. – All Is Lost
Victoria K – Persephone
Ghosther – Resistance
EB & The Deadlights – Unmarked Grave
Rain – Down In Hell
Octopus Montage – Memento Mori
Condemned AD – You Will Fear My Hate
Chokesetter – Motorboater
Wolfheart – Cold Flame
The Issue – Paradox
Hedonist – Fatidic Dread (Thanatophobic Ritual)
The Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

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