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The Autopsy Report – 10th Feb 2021

Catch up with Luke and this weeks Autopsy Report. Scorching the net with two hours of extreme metal and classic rock, the Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show broadcasts from several radio stations across the world. Tune in each week for a dose of metal mayhem with your host Luke Hellwyck.

This week’s Band of the Week: Denver, Colorado’s Sharone

BANDS!!!!!, submit your music. If you are heavy, true and seriously minded, you WILL be played.
Email Gramie at with your bio and mp3s.

This Week’s Playlist:

Post Profit – When You think It’s Right
Gnarcotix – Blood To Blacklist
Starlight – Chasing Memories
Marble – Heartless Disease
Orden Ogan – Inferno
Pure Obsession Red Nights – Wolf Children
Diner Drugs – Need Time
Rockstar Frame – Is Not The End
Dirty Scarlet – Your Mistake
Electric Haze – Succuba
Tetrarch – You Never Listen
Toxic Ruin – Ritual Rebirth
Sonic Octane – The Reckoning
Sharone – Screaming Into Oblivion
Kaamos Warriors – Tuli
SinTax – Nano 3000
Davy Williamson – Thin Disguise
Karobela – Candy
Dead Dirty Dinosaurs – Holding Back
The Rhubarb – Part Time Suicide
Obvert – Obverted
Rich Chambers – I’m So Tired
Areis – A Wretched Vow
Lugosi – They Came From Outer Space
Queensryche – Walk In The Shadows

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