Suede – Head Music

album of the week imageThis weeks album of the week is, Suede – Head Music 

Head Music is the fourth album by English alternative rock band Suede, released by Nude Records in May 1999. Produced and mixed by Steve Osborne, Head Music features a more electronic sound, which was a new approach for the band. The recording of Head Music was plagued with difficulties such as singer Brett Anderson’s addiction to crack, and keyboardist Neil Codling’s struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. The album still went to number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, however, making it the band’s third and final chart-topping album. Overall, the album received generally favourable reviews from critics.

Track list:

  1. “Electricity”
  2. “Savoir Faire”
  3. “Can’t Get Enough”
  4. “Everything Will Flow”
  5. “Down”
  6. “She’s in Fashion”
  7. “Asbestos”
  8. “Head Music”
  9. “Elephant Man”
  10. “Hi-Fi”
  11. “Indian Strings”
  12. “He’s Gone”
  13. “Crack in the Union Jack”

2011 Remastered and Expanded Version
Disc One: Demos

  1. “Indian Strings” (Brett’s original 8 track demo)
  2. “Everything Will Flow” (Protocol demo)
  3. “He’s Gone” (Protocol demo)
  4. “She’s in Fashion” (Protocol demo)

Disc Two: The B-Sides

  1. “Leaving”
  2. “Popstar”
  3. “Killer”
  4. “Implement Yeah!”
  5. “Waterloo”
  6. “See That Girl”
  7. “Bored”
  8. “Pieces of My Mind”
  9. “Jubilee”
  10. “God’s Gift”
  11. “Seascape”
  12. “Crackhead”
  13. “Let Go”
  14. “Since You Went Away”
  15. “Situations”
  16. “Read My Mind”

Extra Tracks

  1. “Poor Little Rich Girl” (featuring Raissa)
  2. “Heroin”
  3. “Music Like Sex” (previously unreleased)
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