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Still Annoying The Neighbours #61

60 minutes of Punk / Post Punk / Hardcore / New Wave / Oi! / Psychobilly and all things your parents didn’t want corrupting their offspring.
From 1976 to the 80’s and beyond. Old favourites and rare cuts.
Join me Colin Campbell for a trip back in time to days of strikes, power cuts, protests and the three day week, when we didn’t have a care in the World.

“And Johnny’s upstairs in his bedroom sitting in the dark
Annoying the neighbours with his punk rock electric guitar”

This week’s playlist;

1.  Chelsea – Evacuate

2.  Dead Man’s Shadow – Perfect World

3.  Eastfield – Off The Rails

4.  Big Country – In A Big Country

5.  Infa-Riot – Kids Of The Eighties

6.  Menace – Screwed Up

7.  Red Noise – Revolt Into Style

8.  Zen Baseball Bat – Dreaming About Tomorrow So We Can Fuck Up Today

9.  Popes Of Chillitown – Dalking Man

10.  Descendents – I’m Not A Loser

11.  Agent Orange – Too Young To Die

12.  OFF! – Jeffery Lee Pierce

13.  Special Duties – Bullshit Crass

14.  The Last Resort – Eight Pounds A Week

15.  The Dils – Mr Big

16.  Black Flag – TV Party

17.  Sloppy Seconds – Shut Up And Pour Me A Drink

18.  Gang Green – Another Wasted Night

19.  Mike Garry & Joe Duddell – St Anthony:An Ode To Anthony H Wilson

20.  The Dickies – You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)

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