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Rush – Moving Pictures

album of the week featured imageThis weeks album of the week is, Rush – Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures is the eighth studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released on February 12, 1981, on Anthem Records. After touring to support their previous album, Permanent Waves, the band started to write and record new material in August 1980 with co-producer Terry Brown.

Track listing:

Side one

  1. “Tom Sawyer”
  2. “Red Barchetta”
  3. “YYZ” (instrumental)
  4. “Limelight”

Side two

  1. “The Camera Eye”
    “I.” (a.k.a “New York”)
    “II.” (a.k.a “London”)”
  2. “Witch Hunt” (Part III of “Fear”)
  3. “Vital Signs”
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