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New Show – Never Mind The Sonnets

dave doran bio photoNQR are pleased to announce we have a new presenter coming on board.
Dave Doran will present his brand new one hour show, Never Mind The Sonnets, which will air for the first time this coming Friday at 10.00 pm.

Never Mind the Sonnets
A place where Shakespeare muses with the Sex Pistols, and Poly Styrene pogoes with Edgar Allan Poe. Dave presents Never Mind the Sonnets, an hour of punk / indie / alternative music, with poetry and spoken word added into the mix.

Dave’s Bio.
Music and poetry have always been my escape rooms. Some of the greatest songwriters were poets without the label. Some of the best poems would have made great songs. I’m on a mission to find where the two collide and share the journey. If you would like any of your work featured on the show, or have any events you would like to advertise then please contact me at davydwriter@btinternet.com

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    2 September 2022 at 11:53

    […] the new radio show together has also taken up time. (The first show airs tonight at 10pm GMT on Northern Quarter Radio.) I also celebrated my 60th birthday earlier this week, something else which crept up […]

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