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Never Mind The Sonnets – Best Of 2022

Catch up with David and this week’s Never Mind The Sonnets. An hour of punk / indie / alternative music, with poetry and spoken word added into the mix. A place where Shakespeare muses with the Sex Pistols, and Poly Styrene pogoes with Edgar Allan Poe.

This weeks playlist:

Number One Enemy – The Slits
Just Another Punk Band – Abrasive Wheels
Wardance – Killing Joke
Territorial Call of the Female – BODEGA
Remember – Christina Rossetti*
The Celestials – The Smashing Pumpkins
Ain’t No Thief – Viagra Boys
Tomorrow’s Girls – UK Subs
I Hate People – Anti Nowhere League
Clam Chowder – Sniffany and the Nits
Sonnet 18 – William Shakespeare*
Art-I-Ficial – X Ray Spex
Transmission – Joy Division
Nothing Left – Buzzcocks
I Wanna Lose – L.A. Witch
On Westminster Bridge – William Wordsworth*
London Calling – The Clash
Girl God Gun – Gen and the Degenerates
Angels with Dirty Faces – Sham 69

Denotes Poetry*

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