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Never Mind The Sonnets #34

Catch up with Dave and this edition of Never Mind The Sonnets. An hour of punk / indie / alternative music with poetry and spoken word added into the mix. A place where Shakespeare muses with the Sex Pistols and Poly Styrene pogoes with Edgar Allan Poe.

This week’s playlist:

Adam Ant – B Side Baby

Infa Riot – Five Minute Fashion

X-Ray Spex – Genetic Engineering

Urban Verbs – Ring – Ring (My Telephone’s Talking)

Niamh Cusak – Siren Chorus*

Dead Kennedy’s – California Uber Alles

The Particles – Observations

Rum Lad – Football

The Discocks – Pogo And Work

Denise Chaila – Can’t Stop Me Here*

Radiohead – Just

Alesia – A Night Out

Crass – Banned from The Roxy

Motorhead – God Save The Queen

A House – Endless Art*

The Violaters – Summer Of 81

The The – Uncertain Smile

*Denotes poetry/spoken word

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