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Never Mind The Sonnets #25

Catch up with Dave and this edition of Never Mind The Sonnets. An hour of punk / indie / alternative music with poetry and spoken word added into the mix. A place where Shakespeare muses with the Sex Pistols and Poly Styrene pogoes with Edgar Allan Poe.

This week’s playlist:

Tubeway Army – Listen To The Sirens

Crass – So What

The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys

Amyl And The Sniffers – Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)

Old Gray – Teach Me How To Self Destruct*

The Snivelling Shits – Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima

Stone – Leave It Out

The Business – Suburban Rebels

Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows

Mike Garry & Joe Duddell – St Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson*

A Certain Ratio – Strain: The Graveyard

The Adicts – My Baby Got Run Over By A Steam Roller

Red London – This Is England

Swell Maps – Real Shocks

Sylvia Plath – Ariel*

The Fall – L.A.

Chaos UK – Victimised

Action Pact – London Bouncers

*Denotes poetry

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