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Never Mind The Sonnets #24

Catch up with Dave and this edition of Never Mind The Sonnets. An hour of punk / indie / alternative music with poetry and spoken word added into the mix. A place where Shakespeare muses with the Sex Pistols and Poly Styrene pogoes with Edgar Allan Poe.

This week’s playlist:

Neighbourhood – Space

Rum Lad – The Tale of Alan Taylor

Subhumans – Work Factory

Petrol Girls – Clowns

Charles Bukowsi – The Secret of My Endurance*

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Don’t Bother Me

The Ramonas – The Daily Fail

Killing Joke – Requiem

TOUTS – Shane MacGowan’s New Teeth

Carmen Tafolla – Tia Sophia*

Mink DeVille – Spanish Stroll

Alternative TV – In Control

The Lurkers – I Don’t Need To Tell Her

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions – Football In The Sun (Ossie Ardilles)

Richard Wilbur – Love Calls Us To The Things Of This World*

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up

Disorder – More Than Fights

* Denotes Poetry

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