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M&M Show – 17th Jun 2024

Catch up with Mer & Mikki and this week’s show. Three hours of Singer Songwriter, Signed and Unsigned music from across the UK and the Rest of the World. This week’s Mer & Mikki celebrate the 11th Year Anniversary of the show

playlist :-
The Capistrano Birds
Rosanna J Eastman
Marti West
Tony Moore
Mona Lisa Twins
Free Men Life
Sean Silke -Weekend Special – featuring Kylabelle
Lisa Von H – Lisa Lealman
Stephen Smith
Emily Ewing
Paul Harper
Dan Solan
Les Glover
Leopard Music Publishers
Thias & Ann Merino
The Susan Mockridge Tribute -The Capistrano Birds – Mr Yodester
Two Guys from Van Nuys
Henry Priestman
Terance Julian
Mark Sebastian D’Lacey
Colby Gray -Randal Griffith – Jon KT Lindley
Nina Jackson
Paul Strickley
Jon Mullane
Mark Barnwell
Vincent Brown
Frankie Carvalho
Rick Astley
Barbara Hills
The Irrepressibles
Nice Little Penguins

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