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Merry Hell/Tansads – Lost Songs

album of the week imageIn the strange days of 2020 and when circumstances allowed, the four Kettle family members of Merry Hell, Andrew, Bob, John and Virginia, managed to assemble for an evening of songs and stories. Talk turned to times past, reflecting on their history as both The Tansads and Merry Hell, as well as songs they have loved but rarely have the opportunity to sing. This disc is a record of those songs, recorded exactly as they were performed that night – with honesty in the music and truth in the words. We hope that you enjoy it.

Track list:

1: Spirit Move

2: Big Wednesday

3: The War Between Ourselves

4: I Never Loved Anybody Like I Love You

5: She’s Not Gone

6: Up The Revolution

7: Pendle Hill

8: Hold You Tonight

9: Satisfied

10: Human Communion

11: Hey, Scotty!

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