Maybe This World Is Another Planet’s Heaven

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Dave Buckley and the Watchwood – Maybe This World Is Another Planet’s Heaven

Dave Buckley has his own show on NQR, the wonderfully eclectic mix of freak zone and psychedelia that is Old Folks Boogie

Some background would be useful here to new observers! DB and the Watchwood started off as a solo project a few years ago initially for one single, then kind of carried on. I never liked the idea of being solo so I invented a band!

This included numerous friends who played on the first album, the two most consistent contributors being Andy Prince (bass) and Gareth Shaw (guitar) both members of The Pink Pumps, a real (!) band I play in along with Gareth (Gaf) Makin, our drummist.

By the time of album number two virtually all the new tracks featured Andy and Gareth, with a smattering of sessions being included featuring lovely people like Trish Watt, Roman Wiekowski and Sarge Frampton.

Hence there’s quite a crossover between the imaginary band and the real one, so Watchwood tracks have inevitably leaked into The Pink Pumps set list.

Both albums are downloadable on iTunes and all the usual platforms, and for those of us living in the past there are also very limited CD versions. These are only available at Pink Pumps gigs as Reybridge Records (our tiny label) doesn’t have a method of distribution, and anyway as I’ve mentioned, only very small amounts have been pressed.

The first album was called “The Wizard of Odd”, the current one is called “Maybe This World is Another Planet’s Heaven”

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