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M & M Show – 27th Jan 2020

Catch up with Mer & Mikki and this weeks show. Three hours of Singer Songwriter, Signed and Unsigned music from across the UK and the Rest of the World.

This week features

The Capistrano Birds

Mack Meadows

LP- Laura Pergolizzi

Lisa Von H


Ben Bateman

Kasket Club & Soul Gem

Free Men Life

Mark Barnwell

Douglas Roossien

Biggs Dixxon

Steve Martin/ Veteran Mist

Orly Vardy/ Paul Robert Thomas/ Leopard Music Publishing


The Eskies

Nina Jackson & Tommi

Paul Strickley

Terance Julian/Prince Fatty

Donna Lugassy

Duncan Mckenzie

Paul Harper

Jinx Jones

Tim Scott Glover

Randall Griffith/Colby Gray/ Jon Kt Lindlay

Graham Sclater/Tabitha music publishers/ URCHIN

David Pointon

Paul Pash Hutchinson

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