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Ghosteen – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

album coverThis weeks Album of the weeks is: Ghosteen – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.
Ghosteen is the seventeenth studio album by the Australian rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was released on 4 October 2019 on Ghosteen Ltd and on 8 November 2019 on Bad Seed Ltd, both the band’s own imprints.



Part 1

  1. Spinning Song
  2. Bright Horses
  3. Waiting for You
  4. Night Raid”
  5. Sun Forest
  6. Galleon Ship
  7. Ghosteen Speaks
  8. Leviathan

Part 2

  1. Ghosteen
  2. Fireflies
  3. Hollywood

Nick Cave – vocals, piano, synthesiser, backing vocals
Warren Ellis – synthesiser, loops, flute, violin, piano, backing vocals
Thomas Wydler – drums
Martyn Casey – bass
Jim Sclavunos – vibraphone, percussion
George Vjestica – guitar

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