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Gentle Giant – The Power and the Glory

album of the week imageLast weeks album of the week was, Gentle Giant – The Power and the Glory.

The 6th album by the British progressive rock group Gentle Giant, released in 1974. Contrary to popular belief, the title of the album and its many lyrical themes were not inspired by author Graham Greene’s novel of the same name, although Derek Shulman was aware of Greene’s novel.
Guitarist Gary Green has cited this album as his favourite by the band.

Track list:

Side one

  1. “Proclamation”
  2. “So Sincere”
  3. “Aspirations”
  4. “Playing the Game”

Side two

  1. “Cogs in Cogs”
  2. “No God’s a Man”
  3. “The Face”
  4. “Valedictory”

Bonus tracks on remastered CD

  1. “Proclamation” (Live) (bonus track on 35th anniversary CD edition) 4:54
  2. “The Power and the Glory” (bonus track available on certain editions only)
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