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Garcia Peoples – Natural Facts

album of the week imageThis weeks Album of the weeks is: Garcia Peoples – Natural Facts

New Jersey based Garcia Peoples second album, Natural Facts was releasd earlier this year, hot on the heels of their debut album, Cosmic Cash. In fact only 7 months separate the the two albums.
The band’s name of course is inspired by just being really into The Greatful Dead.

Much has been made of the bands devotion to Jerry and the guys but the truth is, that aside from a respectful spirit, the songs on this album are much more of a raucous affair. Steeped in the three minute single ethic, each song bursts out in a blaze of rolling guitars, carried on melodies which are simply sublime.

Garcia Peoples are a breath of fresh air in today’s psych scene and Natural Facts is proof that they were no one album wonders. It builds on their excellent debut to provide a suite of songs which can now form a template for future exploits.

Track listing:

1 Feel So Great
2 Canvas
3 High Noon Violence
4 Weathered Mountains
5 Rolling Tides
6 Break Me Down
7 Total Yang
8 Patient World
9 Spiraling

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