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Folk, Strangeness & Charm 181 – 20th February 2024

Catch up with Jayne for this weeks Folk, Strangeness and Charm, indie music with a folky slant, always charming, sometimes a bit strange.

This week’s show features;

1.   Ben Nichols & Kris Drever – The Greenland Whale

2.  Henry Parker – Meanwood Valley Tanneries

3.  Clive’s Original Band C.O.B – Sweet Spring

4.  Woodbine and Ivy Band – Sleep on Sleeping on

5.  Frankie Archer – O the Bonny Fisherlad

6.  Phil Odgers – The Train

7.  Bella Hardy – Full Moon Over Amsterdam

8.  Faustus – Lancashire Factory Girl

9.  Harp and a Monkey – The Ten Shilling Wife

10.  John Martyn – I’d Rather be the Devil

11.  The Longest Johns – The Leaving of Liverpool

12.  Third Ear Band – Fleance

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