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Folk, Strangeness And Charm 170 – 21st November 2023

Catch up with Jayne and this weeks Folk, Strangeness and Charm, indie music with a folk slant, always charming and sometimes a bit strange

1.  Donovan – Three Kingfishers

2.  Hack Poets Guild – Birds of Harmony

3.  Trials of Cato – The Drinkers

4.  The Owl Service – The Dorset Hanging Oak

5.  Jamie Smith’s Mabon – The Accordionist’s Despair

6.  Imagined Village – Cold, Haily, Rainy Night

7.  I am Kloot – Northern Skies

8.  Duncan Chisholm – Beneath the Fortress

9.  Churchfitters – He Cut Her Throat

10.  The Lost Trades – Road of solid gold

11.  Runrig – The Greatest Flame

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