Eddie 9v – Little Black Flies

album of the week imageLast weeks album of the week was, Eddie 9v – Little Black Flies

Eddie 9V. Is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Eddie 9V returns to blow away the cobwebs with Little Black Flies, a collection of nine originals and three covers.

With ‘Little Black Flies,’ there’s a sense of an artist coming full circle, and at the same time coming of age, the kid who once loitered outside the clubs of Atlanta now leading some of Georgia’s greatest players into the studio. Indeed, these recordings gave much-needed catharsis to the musicians who created them. But perhaps Eddie’s ultimate aim is to pass that spirit on to everyone who hears the record. “It makes my day to please someone after they work all day,” he says. “My job is to make them smile and let the music make them forget – or remember.”

Track list:

  1. Little Black Flies
  2. She Got Some Money
  3. Dog Me Around
  4. Don’t Come Around This House
  5. Travelin’ Man
  6. 3AM in Chicago
  7. Reach Into Your Heart
  8. Miss James
  9. Back On My Feet
  10. Puttin’ The Kids To Bed
  11. Columbus Zoo Blues
  12. You Don’t Have To Go
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