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Big Big Train – Grand Tour

album of the week imageThis weeks Album of the weeks is:  Big Big Train – Grand Tour

Grand Tour is the twelfth studio album by the English progressive rock band Big Big Train. It contains all new songs unlike the previous, The Second Brightest Star. Thematically it broadens the lyrical landscape for the group into the European world, previously having a largely domestic British focus. It moves from English folklore and landscape, to the 17th and 18th century habit of well-to-do Europeans going on the ‘Grand Tour’ to experience a wider circle of art and science.

Track List:

Novum Organum 2:33
Alive 4:31
The Florentine 8:15
Roman Stone (13:33)
Part One: Foundation
Part Two: Rise
Part Three: Ne Plus Ultra
Part Four: Fall
Part Five: Legacy
Pantheon 6:08
Theodora In Green And Gold 5:37

Ariel (14:28)
Part One: Come Unto These Yellow Sands
Part Two: Noises, Sounds And Sweet Airs
Part Three: New Place
Part Four: ‘O! There Are Spirits Of The Air’
Part Five: Music, When Soft Voices Die
Part Six: Casa Magni, 1822
Part Seven: ‘Approach, My Ariel, Come’
Part Eight: Coda: The Triumph Of Life

Voyager (14:04)
Part One: On The Ocean
Part Two: The Farthest Shore
Part Three: The Pillars Of Hercules
Part Four: Further Beyond
Part Five: Grand Finale
Part Six: The Space Between The Stars
Part Seven: Homecoming

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