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Bellowhead – Burlesque

This weeks album of the week is, Bellowhead – Burlesque 

Bellowhead brings big band arranging to English music, featuring a full-on horn section and the Bellowhead of 2006 is most certainly a large band, with eleven members kicking up a wall of sound. Burlesque set me scrambling for comparisons.
Perhaps Brass Monkey, which featured Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick with a horn section? Not really, as Bellowhead’s rhythmic flair is more dynamic and diverse than even Brass Monkey had imagined.
Perhaps The Barely Works? Well, not even the Barelies are a fair comparison, as that band combined horns with more of a bluegrass/Irish influence, although the sense of experimentation and having fun is certainly apparent in Bellowhead’s music.

Track list:

  1. “Rigs of the Time”
  2. “Jordan”
  3. “Across the Line”
  4. “London Town”
  5. “Sloe Gin” (Frozen Gin/The Vinegar Reel/The Sloe
  6. “Courting Too Slow”
  7. “Flash Company”
  8. “Hopkinson’s Favourite”
  9. “One May Morning Early”
  10. “The Outlandish Knight”
  11. “Frog’s Legs & Dragon’s Teeth”
  12. “Fire Marengo”
  13. “Death and the Lady”
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