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All New Music Show – 6th Dec 2020

Catch up with J J and this weeks All New Music Show, playing the Best New Music with her usual banter, and ramblings of a mad woman.

This weeks playlist:

Ms Lauryn Hill – That Thing ( DSB & Ike Okani Remix )
Berlin – Sex
Franki Pineapple – F88K IT MAN
Helestios – Black Storm
Anita Gabrielle Ft Amy Wadge- I wanna Go Outside Again
Atheen – Living Your Best Life
Jon-Scott – Water Is Wet ( Live Your Life Live Well )
The Useful Idiots – Useful Idiots
Inhibit – The Quest
87 and The Toys – The Internet People Know Every Move You Make
James Fox – The Rest Of Our Lives
Antonia Grace – Hide Away
Justin Bieber – Lonely – Fenix Remix 2020 )
Kiey – Kiss You In The Rain
Morpheus Project – Nights To Remember
The Lovers Tale – We’re Not Broken

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