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All New Music Show – 3rd Nov 2019

Catch up with J J and this weeks All New Music Show, playing the Best New Music with her usual banter, and ramblings of a mad woman.

This weeks playlist:

Adam Lambert – I am here for your entertainment

Master Shortie – Dead End

The Rough Puppies – Frantic

NRVT -Nuttall Street Burglars

Pet Shop Boys – It’s A sin

Billie Elliish – Bad Guy

JUKE- Heartless

The Bell Rays – Black Lightening

Carmen Burana – O Fortuna

The Broken Idols- Ten Week Itch

The Corridors – Stop The world I want to get off

Radio Head – Creep

Axdy- Cosmic Darkness

Alice Cooper- Welcome To My Nightmare

Adam Lambert- Supernatural

Abba-Dancing Queen

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