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All New Music Show – 3rd Jul 2022

Catch up with J J and this weeks All New Music Show, playing the Best New Music with her usual banter, and ramblings of a mad woman.

This weeks playlist:

Idles From The Basement- Medicate Meditate
Black Eddy – I Wanna Die In A Shower Of Bullets
JJ Kane – Ten Week Itch
Alan Mair – The Devils Porridge
Elton John- Soul Glove
Joyce Sims – What You Won’t Do For love
Jamiroquai -Virtual Reality
Marvin Gaye – Mercy Me
ARIA- New Lady In White
Radiohead – Bones
Johnny Depp- Isolation
John Lennon – Working Class Hero
Curtis T Johns – Don’t Runaway Child
The Annie Minogue Band – Real Close Up
Estelle Dawn – Vixen

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