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All New Music Show – 31st Jan 2021

Catch up with J J and this weeks All New Music Show, playing the Best New Music with her usual banter, and ramblings of a mad woman.

This weeks playlist:

Feral Ghost – Say I’m Not Too late
Chris Andreucci – Tonight I’m Yours
Leo Scappin – Right call
Der Mist – Step Into The Light
Tom Tikka – Daytime Suffering
Davy Williamson – This Disguise
Gionathan – Good Premonition
Bird3 – That Shelia She’s A Glinda
Jordan Dean – Friend
Saint – Adrenaline Rush
Lief Coffield – Say My Name
The Fabulous Red Diesel – Butterfly Mind
Kaptain – This Kind Love
Tina Turner – River Deep 2021 Release ( Phil Spector )
Melanie Masson – Seasons
The Hengles – No Time For Tea
Wavewulf – My One True Love

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