Alan WatsonAlan Presents
Eine Kleine Kling Klang
Saturday 10.00 till 11.00 pm
I first started DJ-ing University at the Friday Sheffield Uni Students Union disco, where I really learned the art and it was here that I first got into stagecraft, learning how to mike up and mix bands, and got to know a few of the engineers at Radio Hallam, which led to some part time work, supporting Outside Broadcasts.
I then went to work as an engineer at Severn Sound, a local Commercial radio station where I spent seven years doing Outside Broadcast’s, commercial production, recording and producing music, news, commercials and talks programmes.
In 1989 I quit radio, seemingly for good, and I became a computer geek, and have been so until August 2014, when I quit and went into “semi – retirement”. Now Jayne Marsh has persuaded me to contribute a show.
I’m really excited about being part of Northern Quarter Radio and its mission to bring “Music to the Masses”.