Mer & Mikki
The M & M show
Monday 7.00 till 10.00 pm

Hello everyone I am Mer, of the Mer and Mikki show here on NQR Monday eve’s 7 to 10 pm. I moved here after doing a signed and unsigned show for over five years at another station along with my friend and co-presenter Mikki. I feel really strongly that with being creative myself that it just fuels the soul to be able to get music out there to the world from all the singer -songwriters whom we have connected with. I am a songwriter myself and the first song that I wrote won the UKSC Pop category in 2009, but I really wasn’t expecting that to happen so quickly! Then, my song got signed to Leopard Music Publishers who now listen in to our show here and we have become good friends also and Brian and Mark from Leopard sometimes actually come and join us on our M+M show and also have signed some of the songwriters that we play.

Really loving the vibes here at NQR among all the other presenters where music really does matter and feeling very settled and looking forward to doing many shows with my co-presenter Mikki. Hope that you can listen in and hear some great music that you would not have heard elsewhere.

Hi I’m Mikki, I have been in the music business for over 20 years professionally, I have
performed all over the UK, Ireland and abroad in top venues, Dorchester hotel London, Mayfair hotel London, Landmark hotel London, Carnivore-Nairobi Kenya, Leeds castle, Stringfellows London, Dubai,Bahrain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand,Sweden, Norway, Viking Cruises, India and performed for Royalty HRH Prince Philip.

I have been lucky enough to preform/work with many celebrities these include Michael Jackson, Donny Osmond, Gloria Gaynor, T’pau, Bradley Walsh, Jimmy James, Danny La Rue, Stephen Mulhern, Howard Jones, Aswad,Three Degrees, Edwin Starr, Go West, Alexandra O’neal, Howard Donald (take that), Martha Reeves & the Vandellas and many more . .

I am a singer-songwriter, I write & produce my own songs some of which have been signed by Leopard music publishers, and I also collaborate with fellow singer songwriters. I sing with a band called ‘The Company’, which is great fun. I love radio and have been presenting for over 5 years but recently moved to NQR. I am so proud to be part of the Northern Quarter Radio team. on ‘The M & M show’ we play song-writers from all over the world, the other shows on NQR are brilliant and my fellow presenters have been warm and welcoming from the start and I look forward to presenting “The Mer & Mikki Show” with my co-presenter Mer for many years to come.

Northern Quarter Radio, the union of human & music. rock on.