Listen Again to the Prog & Psych Show 2nd Nov 2018

Catch up with Martin and this weeks selection of tunes on the Prog & Psych Show, exploring Psychedelic & Progressive sounds. Expect some surprises!

Martin’s a member of Fruits de Mer Records

All tracks played direct from vinyl on the turntables!

Full play list:

1. Eyeball – Inside The Moon
2. Custard Flux – Golden Opportunity
3. Tribes Of Europe – Medley (Don’t Know Why/Do You Like Violence?)
4. The Lucid Dream – Ardency
5. A Mountain Of One – Lie Awake
6. Jack Ellister – Mind Maneuvers
7. The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers – I Can Hear The Dark
8. The Orb – Into The Fourth Dimension

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