Listen Again to the Old Folks Boogie 20th Feb 2018

Old Folks Boogie 180 consisted of the following snippets of musical goodness:

Thunderclap Newman – Look Around
Gong – Dance With The Pixies
Touch – Down at Circe’s Place
The Amazing Friendly Apple – Magician
Mr Marsh’s Marvellous Magical Music Box
Can – Mother Sky
Bernard Wrigley – Yorkshire Lass
Big Star – I Am The Cosmos
Bonniwell Music Machine – Astrologically Incompatible
Fleetwood Mac – Long Grey Mare
Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians – The Moon Inside
Thunderclap newman – I See It All

And it and all its OFB chums are available to do what you will with via the Mixcloud. The wonders of technology are ours to command. Unless like me you’re more comfortable sitting in a tree drinking organic cider and eating a cheese sandwich. Be seeing you!


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