Listen Again to Eine Kleine Kling Klang – 30th Dec 2017

Eine Kleine Kling Klang is BACK with a great new series, playing the very Best of Brand British, German and European Kosmische, Motorik, Electronica, Industrial and post-Industrial contemporary music.

Full play list:

Gam – Demons
GAM is a powerful trio founded in 1973 by the pionnier of the echo guitar Gunter Schickert. The band released their self title album in 1976 (lately published on cassette in 1986). It reveals high quality and super freaked out rockin’ improvisations in the vein of the first Ashra Tempel, Zweistein, Cosmic jokers but creepier, much more haunted and infused by resonant cyclical guitar lines. The result is closed to Gunter Schickert’s mesmerizing druggy soundscapes you can hear on the classic “Samtvogel” (1974). The band released the perfectly hypnotic, droney and spaced out Eiszeit in 1978. Among the top class krautrock bands and by Timothy Stol enwerk definitely cult.

FD Project – Mountainway

Popol Vuh – Why do I stil Sleep
Florian Fricke was born by Lake Constance in 1944. From 1959 til 1963 he studied music in Munich,
where he was a pupil of Rudolph Hindemith (Paul Hindemith’s brother). At the age of 25 he became acquainted with the Moog synthsizer which leads him to form his band POPOL VUH. This name and inspiration come from the holy book of Guatemala’s Quiche Indians. Historically, Popol Vuh’s
“Affestunde” (1970) is the first experimental rock release entirely built around the Moog Synthesiser (with the add of percussions to provide a mystical flavour).

Kin Ping Meh – Fairy Tales
Kin Ping Meh is a German progressive rock band from Mannheim. the name is of chinese origin. They
were initially made up of Werner Stephan (lead vocals), Joachim Schafer (guitar, piano, vocals),
experienced rock veterans Fritz Schmitt (organ, piano), Torsten Herzog (bass) Achim Reichel and Frank and Kal e Weber (drums).
The career of rock band Kin Ping Meh from Mannheim lasted almost exactly seven years and reached quite a few heights. But it stil left the band rather disillusioned in the end. Drummer Kalle Weber’s resume from the Spring of 1977: “If you’re not a pop star, you’re stil the asshole.” Together with amateur musicians Werner Stephan (vocals), Joachim Schafer (guitar, piano), Frieder Schmitt (organ piano) and Torsten Herzog (bass), Weber had formed Kin Ping Meh in 1970.

Wonderland Band – The Liberal John F Baverstock

Achim Reichal – Echo of the Present

Eilyff – Byrd Night of the seventh day
Formed in the late 60’s by Rainer Brüninghaus, Houschäng Nejadepour, Detlev Landmann, Herbert J. Kalveram and Bil Brown, EILIFF were a German instrumental band who turned fusion on its head with a pair of studio albums featuring classy Canterbury-style jamming with bass, guitar and keyboards plus some ethnic instruments thrown in (mostly the sitar). Two live albums were also released, one of which only came out 30 years later. Being somewhat out of step with the then dominant Kosmiche tradition, the band never really made a name for themselves despite displaying some phenomenal musicianship. References include SOFT MACHINE, early KING CRIMSON, COLOSSEUM, NUCLEUS, VDGG as well as Miles Davis and Frank Zappa.

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