Listen Again to Eine Kleine Kling Klang – 2nd Dec 2017

Eine Kleine Kling Klang is BACK with a great new series, playing the very Best of Brand British, German and European Kosmische, Motorik, Electronica, Industrial and post-Industrial contemporary music.

Week 6 in our new season Eine Kleine Kling Klang features a great catch of a wide range of seriously talented musicians in a jam-packed programme !

This week we have Achim Rachel, Deuter, Floh de Cologne, La Dusseldorf, Panta Rhei, Ash Ra Tempel, Peter Frohmader, Wallenstein and Tuning Fork!

Full play list:

Achim Reichel – Tarzan’s Adventures in the Summer Sales

Deuter – De turm/Fluchpunkt
This unknown german artist released this first album in 1971. Deuter is classified as “new age” cause that’s what most of his records are. But his two first albums -D and AUM- have nothing to do with insipid relaxation music.
This is psychedelic experimental prog entirely done by the master himself, showing there its great skil s as a musician, composer and producer.
Widely known as the first new age composer, Georg Deuter started out a s one of the most inventive musician, mixing eastern folk music with electronic sound col age and his first two albums are widely regarded as the equivalent of Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze’s best works. This stunning debut is the work comes after many trip to Persia and further, to study the music and the philosophies.
Those of you aware of Deuter’s later New Age works (from 76 onwards), please be aware his first two albums are NOTHING AT ALL like that. And what stunning works they are even if it has not aged al that wel . Most of his discography wil be released on the legendary Munich-based Kuckuck label, and his records are probably the main reason for this label’s long life.

Floh de Cologne – Prima Freiheit
Floh de Cologne were formed in 1966 as a political and anarchic col ective of students from the
University of Cologne. The group is composed by Gerd Wol schon (voices, keyboards), Markus
Schmidt (violin, bass), Hans-Jorg “Hansi” Frank (drums & keyboards) and Britta Baltruschat
(voices). They recorded their first album “Vietnam” (Pläne) in 1968. This musical act is a protestation against the war.
The famous and controversial Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (ohr) published the following albums whose the classics “Rockoper Profitgeier” (1971) and “Lucky Streik” (1972). Al albums contain provocative and humorous sketches about political and social facts. Musical y their style can be considered as a mixture between avant-folk, sound experimentations, free rock and narratives.
Recorded in 1973, “Geier Symphonie” punctuates Floh de Cologne’s original style to demonstrative, semi theatrical and symphonic rock attacks. In 1974, after the split of ohr label, the formation go back to “Pläne” for several recordings until the end of the 70’s.

La Dusseldorf – Silver Cloud
La Düsseldorf is Klaus Dinger’s side project after the scission of Neu! in 1975. In this musical
adventure, Dinger is accompanied by Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe who also participated to
the recording of the third and last Neu! The self titled album “La Dusseldorf” was released in 1976, percussion venturing from avant-garde for concrete noises, manipulated sounds, pre-punk atmospheres. This album has a total disregard for musical convention, the musicians don’t hesitate to mix without restriction a bunch of sounds taken from a great variety of musical styles (with pop accents, motoric “electronic” pulses, krautrock weird instrumentals and punk’s eccentricity).
After this original and diverse collection of experiments, the band recorded their second “Viva” in 1978. A political musical act against capitalism which comes directly during the classic years of punk music. However, this album remains progressive with achieved synth instrumentations and insitent electronic beat in the genre of Kraftwerk. Only the voice and the distorted “dirty” guitars remind us the anger and “primitive” sound of Punk music. In their last “Individuel os” (1980) the atmosphere is more relaxing than in the two first and delivers a few “sensitive” ambient soundscapes next to abstract & rhythmical “electronic” rock.
After this creative musical experience, Thomas Dinger has made an excursion in solo with Für mich.. Klaus Dinger and his Dingerland (the name given to his personal label) carry on the way written by La Düsseldorf for the publication of several projects, among others the album “Neondian” or the recent La! Neu? recordings (a musical hybrid between Neu! and La Düsseldorf for long synth / post rock sessions).

Panta Rhei – Play with Fire
PANTA RHEI were an jazz rock and soul group from then East Berlin formed in 1971 by Herbert DREILICH, Henning PROTZMANN and Ulrich SWILLMS. The musicians played together for a while playing jazz oriented music before there came to be a formal group which would eventual y incorporate lyrics by poet Jens GERLACH or DREILICH, which were political in different degrees.
By 1975, Veronika FISCHER, singer of the band, started a solo career and other line-up changes
occured which led to conceptual differences and eventual dissolvement of the band. In later years compilations of the material in their active years were released to accompany their one self-titled album that was released in 1973. This track does not appear on any of their albums, but is on a collection of East German rock music – “Super Beatkiste 2”

Ash Ra Tempel – Day Dream

Peter Frohmader – Orakel (extract)

Wallenstein – Mother Universe
Second Album

Tuning Fork – I’m a Dreamer

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