Listen Again to Eine Kleine Kling Klang – 25th Nov 2017

Eine Kleine Kling Klang is BACK with a great new series, playing the very Best of Brand British, German and European Kosmische, Motorik, Electronica, Industrial and post-Industrial contemporary music.

The fifth programme in our new season Eine Kleine Kling Klang features old and new favourites!
This week we have Achim Rachel, the Damo Suzuki Band, Faust, Krokodil, Neu! and Faust!

Full play list:

Achim Reichal – Tanz der Vogel in der Winden

Damo Suzuki Band – Don’t forget ya Job, (with Live – like the rest of his albums! bit of Halleluhwah)

Faust – Meadow Meal
Formed in 1971 in Wümme, the group was originally composed of Werner “Zappi” Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmler, Arnulf Meifert, Jean-Hervé Péron, Rudolf Sosna and Gunther Wüsthoff, working with record producer Uwe Nettelbeck and engineer Kurt Graupner.
The band broke up in 1975 after Virgin rejected its fifth album. After Faust’s breakup, the group’s activities between 1975 and 1990 remain shrouded in mystery.
In 1990 Faust reunited for touring and in 1994 they released Rien, which was their first album after the reunion.

Krokodil – Dabble in Om
Swiss not German

Neu – Lila Engel

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