Listen Again to Eine Kleine Kling Klang – 28th Oct 2017

Eine Kleine Kling Klang is BACK with a great new series, playing the very Best of Brand British, German and European Kosmische, Motorik, Electronica, Industrial and post-Industrial contemporary music.

Featuring in the first show is Arktis, Schick Furhs & Frohling, Conrad Schnitzler, Et Cetera, Kraftwerk, Harmonia & Eno, Novalis, Thirsty Moon, and Sugar Ray Buckmiller.

Full play list:

Arktis – Great Spring Feeling
Formed in 1973, the band released their first album the same year. This self title album revisits a
conventional heavy rock style mixed with freak out improvisations largely made of fuzzy guitars. The
second album from 1975 comprised mainly improvisations without firm aims or limitations in
structure. This difference is already indicated by the album’s title “Arktis tapes”. Although in perfect
condition after 19 years, the master tapes were additionally remastered.

Schick, Furhs & Frohling – Pictures
SCHICKE, FÜRHS & FRÖHLING is one of the most amazing prog acts to ever come out of Germany.
Instilling their symphonic sound with elements of space rock, avant-garde electronics and fusion,
their style turns out to be very rich and dynamic, combining light and shade in a perfect balance.
Eduard SCHICKE (drums, percussion, moog drum) and Heinz FRÖHLING (guitars, bass, synthesizer,
mel otron), who had already been colleagues in the recently split SPEKTAKEL (one of the major
German prog acts at the time), met keyboardist Gerard FÜHRS playing electric piano in a music
store, sometime I nearly 1975.

Conrad Schnitzler – Underwater Church
Schnitzler was born in Düsseldorf. A co-founder of 23:01
West Berlin’s Zodiak Free Arts Lab,[1] he was an early member of Tangerine Dream (1969–1970) and a founder of the band Kluster.
He left Kluster in 1971, first working with his group Eruption and then focusing on solo works.
Schnitzler participated in several collaborations with other electronic musicians.[3]
Conrad Schnitzler died from stomach cancer on 4 August 2011 in Berlin.[4]
His putput was prolific, and he worked with just about everyone in the Berlin Kosmiche scene!

ET Cetera – SUN
Et Cetera is a German jazz rock band. Members include Wolfgang Dauner keys, Sigi Schwab on guitar, and Fred Braceful on drums. They are best known for their self-titled 1971 debut album Et Cetera.[1] Their second album, Knirsch, features Larry Coryel on guitar and Jon Hiseman on drums. Et Cetera was a shortlived installment in the early days of Krautrock, but seen from a modern perspective and in the larger scope of what the scene was all about, it seems only proper to call this outfit one of the true pioneers of the scene.

Harmonia and Eno – ‘Welcome
In 1971, the duo of Moebius and Roedelius, also known as Cluster, moved to the rural village of
Forst, West Germany. Michael Rother put his project Neu! on hold in early 1973 to form the band Harmonia with Roedelius and Moebius. Together they built their own studio in Forst and recorded two albums under the name Harmonia: Musik von Harmonia in 1974 and Deluxe in 1975, both released on Brain.
Tracks and Traces was recorded in 1976, but only released in 1997 on the S3 Label in Germany and American Rykodisk elsewhere. Tracks and Traces was remastered and reissued in 2009 by Grönland Records. The new release featured three additional recordings, new artwork and was credited to Harmonia & Eno ’76.

Kraftwerk – Ananas Symphonie 12
Ralf und Florian (English title: Ralf and Florian) is the third studio album by the German electronic band Kraftwerk. It was released in October 1973 on Philips.Along with Kraftwerk’s first two albums, Ralf und Florian to date has never been official y re-issued on compact disc. However, the album remains an influential and sought-after work, and bootlegged CDs were widely distributed in the 1990s on the Germanofon label. The band hinted that the album may final y see a re-mastered CD release after issuing the box set The Catalogue in the autumn of 2009.[2]

Novalis – High Evolution
This is the first album of this German band coming out of Hamburg They have nothing to do with
experimental Krautrock; there is nothing weird about their music, on the contrary what they’re doing is just writing and playing beautiful music.

Thirsty Moon – Dreaming
Thirsty Moon is a German Krautrock band. The band was founded in the early 1970s in Bremen and plays progressive rock with strong jazz influences. Band members were the brothers Jürgen and
Norbert Drogies, Michael Kobs, Harald Konietzko, Erwin Noack, Wili Pape and Siegfried Pisal, although this line-up changed in the late 1970s. The band’s first two albums received critical acclaim and are considered Krautrock classics.[1]

Sugar Ray BuckMiller aka Fred und Luna – Es kommt keine Zeit

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